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Hard Drive Issue Or So I Assume Help!


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So i did my build


Intel Q9450 @ 3.5 Ghz|8 GIGS ddr 2 800 mhz|ATI 4870 X2 in cross fire|Vista Ultimate x64|

Asus rampage Formula|2 3.0 MB Drives 500 gigs|XFI Xtreme music|Water Cooled|Antec 1200 case|Ultra x3 1000 watts|


all that was changed was the psu and another 4870x2 with a 24 inch monitor


now all of a sudden the hard drives are not reading both of them!i restart a few times and then it will read go into windows etc,restart and then stops reading then after a restart or two it will read..


i try moving the ports on my psu no go,reset bios and update bios no go,what can be causing this?i am stumped


psu issue?


hard drive issues-even tho they are booting after a few restarts and doubt it is the hard drives as it is going on with both.


help =/

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maybe it is the 1000 watt psu at fault?i have a ultra x3 800 watts maybe i can pop it in to test it to see if it works if it does then i guess it is the psu?but i am scared to run this system on 800 watts



Or is it?i just switched power supplies right,from my 1000 watt ultra x3 to my 800 watt ultra x3 and everything seems to be working fine now,safe to assume it is the new psu at fault?


i did a few restarts and bam it is picking up the hds as it should!what do you guys think

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