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Wierd Happenings On My Q6600


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So the other day i switch my new build on, loaded up HWmonitor saw my CPU temp at 35 C.


The hottest core was only 33 so i was slightly suspecious.


Today i have switched it on CPU temp was on 19 C with ambient temps of 20 ,21.


Speedfan is saying CPU temp -35 now, Hwmonitor is saying 35 and everest nothing at all.


Bios is agreeing with speedfan.


So what is going on?


idle temps of cores 32/32/27/27 with a 9700


i ve seen the CPU temp at -19 all the way to -92 aswell as 19 to 46.


Its overclocked to 3.6ghz with 1.42Vcore under load with Vmod.


max core temp of 65 C and when it tells the truth CPU of 50+ but never above 60.






oh its on a 780i

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