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Running Fah In Background On Linux

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I have a server at home that I can access via SSH and want to start folding on it.


I can obviously run folding through an ssh session, but once I close that SSH session the folding stops. Is there a way for me to run the folding programme without it ending when I end the SSH session that I used to start it up?


Thanks for any help in advance

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This can be accomplished via a virtual terminal or terminal emulator.

$cd /path/to/[email protected]/

$./fahclientname &


That is more or less it; the ampersand puts a process in the background. You can place the background process in foreground by executing the following:


$fg (provided “fah” is the only process in the background) -or-

$fg %# (if more than one process is running in background)




(1) Use the “jobs” command to check for background processes. Something similar to the following will be displayed.



[5]+ Running ./path/to/[email protected]/fahclientname &


(2) I recommend creating a script that accesses the proper “[email protected]” directory and executes the client.

(3) Executing "tail -f /path/to/[email protected]/FAHlog.txt &" will display the progress of your client.


Hope this helps ^_^

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