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Spore (spoilers?)


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I don't know if im the only one thinking this


I picked up spore 2 days ago and I was really loving it, I sat down and played through the cell and creature stages for a good 4 hours, (I collected all the parts possible for a carnivore)


Then it was time to start my glorious tribe... this stage lasted a grand total of 30 minutes, it was just so easy...make babies, attack, there wasn't even a need to make buildings to win this level, almost no strategy at all


Then I thought! Awesome omg I get to make buildings and vehicles!, I must have spent 2 hours making awesome buildings and vehicles loving every second, then I started the level, captured 6 geysers, built a happy town (which took 10 minutes) I made 10 vehicles and destroyed every city on the middle island..then I made 10 air vehivles and destroyed every other city...and then that stage was over in a matter of 30-40 minutes


Space is just a big hassle, attack after attack, almost no chance to explore


My real annoyance is that (on medium) you can absolutly fly through 2 of what u would think of as the big and long levels in an hour combined


I mean..building a whole civilisation and uniting a nation in 30 minutes just shows they kind of threw the idea together, as they did with the space level


I've been continuing to have fun by just playing the creature stage as different eating types/traits because to me this level is the most well done


Tbh, I don't think I would entirely hate the idea if there was no game and just a massive creature creator because it is by far the most fun thing in this game

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The thing that bothered me the most was that prior stages have ZERO impact on later stages except for aesthetics. I spent a few HOURS getting my creatures maxed out in the creature stage only to find that it made absolutely no difference in the tribal stage. All sense of accomplishment is removed and I can't stand it.

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