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Official Post Your Build Guts Thread

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that is a nice rig :thumbs-up:

thanx timmy94 and yours too...!!....very clean :thumbs-up:

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Here's a few older pics, I'll post new ones once my new parts get here later this week.





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Lots of nice rigs there.. Will have to post some pic's of the system I just got put together with the Sniper case I got from the xmas contest (still a couple things I want to add but it's up and running)..


and maybe some pic's of a couple of my other systems :)




The Sniper so far






My old Antec 900 system






My CM Micro ATX system






My sig system... sorry for the mess.. still putting it back togeather after a reconfig.






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Here is the insides of my Q6600 build when I put the Arctic Cooling Twin Turbo on my video card. Yeah, its a mess.


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Well, here goes. This is the rig in my signature. Just got finished putting it back in my CM 590 as I was far from impressed with the GMC X-7, but that's another topic. Here's everything before it was plugged back in, all wiring finished, etc. Enjoy. Comments welcome.


Side view. You can see the Megahalems on my Q9550 and the Ixtreme Pro on my 8800GT. Ah, what a good card that's been and continues to be for my 1440x900 needs. Had to do a little surgery on the opening for the wires coming off the PSU to make the included cutout large enough as the HX750W is a fairly long PSU. A little time with a file and a layer of electrical tape just to be safe and she was good to go.



Front view without the bezel. Nice and unobstructed.



Side view with panel attached. Pretty boring, I know.



And front view with the bezel attached. She's purring quite nicely as I type this post up.



I gotta say, for the price this 590 has been a hell of a case. I like the new 690 II CM has out now as well. They seem to be making nice cases for those of us on a budget. That being said, my next case just might be a Corsair Obsidian 800D. Mmmmmm... sexy...

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Here's mine, couple are with my older 8800gts and older ram.









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