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Need Help With Overclocking


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Hello dear overclockers,

I have ran up to a little problem whilst trying to overclock my Q6700.

First of all when in the BIOS of my MSI P7N Zilent (same as Platinum by the way) I couldn't get my FSB higher then 295. The P7N works on nForce 760i chipset.

When I tried to increase it my pc wouldn't boot at all, it wouldn't even reach the bios.

Later on I tried leaving the FSB in my bios at 295 (it sais 1180 by the way, because he counts quadpumped I guess...).

And I continued my overclocking in the DualCoreCenter, a util I got on a DVD which was supllied with my motherboard.

With this I could get it up to 315MHz FSB (my multiplier is x10 by the way), but again, I couldn't get higher.

I tried increasing the voltage to +0,1 (which would be like 1,36 volts as my CPU runs on 1,26 stock).

What is wrong? and more importantly, can I get my FSB to go any higher? and how can I do it?

Thanks for your help in advance =)

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Have you tried flashing your BIOS as of late?


I'm weary of using Windows-based overclocking tools, always have been. Using the BIOS puts hair on your chest and gives that extra stability of knowing what you've done.


In any case... if you tried overvolting the CPU and t'was a no-go, try overvolting the NB in increments and then mess around with your RAM timings.

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