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Rockband 2 Leaked On 360


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I pre-ordered my RB2 from Amazon with 1-day shipping for only $10 extra. Since the game is released Sunday, I'll either get it Friday or Monday. I'll be making a thread (with a bit of a review since OCC doesn't do game reviews on the main page), and hopefully enticing a good chunk of you to join the madness that is Rock Band.


By the way, I now have 224 songs for Rock Band, which means I have 221 songs for Rock Band 2, NOT INCLUDING ROCK BAND 2's SONGS ON THE GAME DISC ITSELF!.


What does this mean? I paid $5 to import 55 out of the 58 songs that were on the Rock Band 1 disc to the 360's hard drive (works for PS3 also) so they are playable in Rock Band 2. ALL of the download content (DLC) for Rock Band 1 is already ready to play in Rock Band 2.


Pretty good deal...something that Guitar Hero should be ashamed of not doing (especially since I have GH1, GH2, GH80's, and GH3 for the PS2/360).


Back to studying for exam tomorrow...crawling back into my hole now.

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