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Which Psu For A Budget Build?

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Building a budget build for my dad.


I'll most likely be getting this Rosewill case (I've worked with Rosewill cases before and I want something relatively cheap with decent airflow).


First, here are the expected specs:


Intel E5200


1x250GB SATA drive.


So I know I shouldn't need anything powerful...here's what I've narrowed the PSU down to (all on the OCC Recommended List, btw):


Antec True Power Trio TP3-550 - $59.99 w/ Free S&H

Antec Earthwatts EA430 - $49.99 after $10 MIR, but $10.87 S&H

OCZ StealthXStream OCZ500SXS - $49.99 after $20 MIR


I'm leaning towards the first one since there's no MIR and free shipping, plus I've used Antec PSU's/Cases before and like them. I usually prefer modular, but because this is a budget build, I'm trying to save as much money as I can, while still choosing a reliable PSU. If you have any other suggestion though, I'm all ears. There will be NO OCing, so keep that in mind.


Thanks, guys :)

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Well the Antec I wanted is not $99.99. Should have jumped on it when I had the chance.


Anywho, newegg is having a sale on PC Power & Cooling PSU's, which I've always heard good things about (Is it true they're owned by OCZ?).


So I was thinking of getting this one.


It's only 370W, but with PC P&C's quality and the components I'm using, that should be plenty (and it's 80Plus Cert).


With newegg's 20% off promo code (PCP20), it will come to $48 and has free shipping, so I think it's too good to pass up...what do you guys think?


Promo code expires 9/17, and in case you guys are interested, here's a list of the qualifying products.

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