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Need Some Recomendations...


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I got $1000 to buy a new PC... I'm not an expert, but i am an addict pc gamer (my fav. is Arma Assault and Call of Duty 4)

I really don't know all the items that i need to buy for a new Pc... but i have some ideas


Intel core Quad 2.4 Ghz Q6600


RAM 2 Gb DDR 2

HD 7200 RPM SATA 160Gb

DVD Burner 20x

Nvidia 1024mb 8500 Gt

Monitor LG 19" LCD

UPS 600va Sonex


I know these is not a super PC... but i really need to know what kind of stuff i need to buy, to have something decent with that money.



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Forget about that 8500GT. You won't be able to game like you would want.


If you have the money for, buy an ATI HD4870, or a NVidia GTX260. If it's a bit too expensive, there is also the ATI HD4850.


Also, you need a PSU, not a UPS. Have a look at our recommended PSU list. Personally I would go with a Corsair HX 620W or a OCZ StealthXStream. PC Power & Cooling also make really good PSUs.

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Here are my thoughts:


Q6600 is good. So are E8400-E8600.

Go with P45 motherboard if you can. Gigabyte, DFI, and Asus are popular around here.

2x1 or 2x2GB of DDR2 1066 from a reputable manufacturer (OCZ, Corsair, Patriot, G.Skill, etc etc)


Get a TSST SATA DVD burner...sometimes they're listed as Samsung, sometimes Toshiba.

Get a 8800GT if you can fit it in your budget (they're ~$100) or maybe a 9800GT (they're pretty much the same). I wouldn't bother with anything over 512MB of VRAM.

Case: see this: http://forums.overclockersclub.com/index.p...howtopic=156560


Not sure about the monitor or the UPS.


EDIT: I agree, wholeheartedly, with The_Smith on the PSU's.

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