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Q9450 & P5k3 Deluxe Overclocking Advice

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O.k., overclocking pros- I'm back. I'm on yet another overclocking journey with my eyes set on 3.75ghz as my mission. Ccokeman has been a great help to me in the past and I know he's played with the q9450 enough to put me there, but I'm sure there are many of you over-qualified in the arena of OCing....

Now to the point of this entry: I have done everything i know how to push 3.7ghz with a q9450 on a p5k3 dlx using 2x1 gb patriot pc3-10600. I know cooling can't be an issue because on idle my cpu's at 32-35c and my mobo's at 28-30 C. I've recently removed 2 gb ram because I couldn't past 462x8 with it, but now I've tried to use my previous settings (463x8) in bios and i keep crashing.

Here's my current settings:

fsb strap:333

multi: 8

fsb: 463

vcore: 1.3625


vtt: 1.4



I.ve read that the p35 chipset shouldn'd be over 1.55, but I'm not sure if that depends on cooling or what. Also, i don't know if the sb might be pushing too much voltage, but i'm at a gridlock here. what's weird is I've heard not to overclock with software, but when i had the extra 2 gigs running 462x8 i pushed 470x8 with asus ai suite, but then again i crashed soon after. If anyone can see what i'm doing wrong, please let me know. I'm at a roadblock here. My only goal is 3.75 on air, which might sound like pushing it, but then again maybe i'm already at my limit....Oh, this is going to make me sound stupid, but i was pushing 4x1 gb @8-8-8-24 @ 1.9v when i hit 3.7ghz till i looked at cpu-z and realized i could achieve it with 6-6-6-16 @1.5v. My bad.

anyway, thanks for all the input guys!!!!!

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470 with a quad and a P35 NB isnt bad at all. I think the max I ever got stable was on a P35 blitz extreme and that was about 485 and that was with 1.7 to the NB. The chip was good to a bit over 3.7 in the end but 484x7 was the max FSB on a P35 for me. Pll volts, nb volts and VTT help some. Not sure if you have GTLref settings on that board or not. If you do take the time to tweak them and you can usually get stable at lower volts


Biltz extreme

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