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Project: Air Force

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So I'm not gonna lie, today pretty much rocked as far as packages are concerned. Some disappointments also ensue, but we'll get to that later.


Deep breath now.


(queues Emeril voice...)






Mmmm...delicious peanuts and things within.


Box #1: Enter Danger Den




Contents list:


2x Delrin T-lines /w high-flow 3/8" ports

2x Delrin Fillports

1x Laing DDC

1x DDC Acrylic top (no reservoir)

1x Thermochill PA120.3

10 feet 3/8" Tygon tubing


Pretty good start huh? Moving on...


Curtain #2...


Enter FUGGER, from XS:




Had a nearly new BlackOps at a good price, considering the color scheme and performance I had to go with it. He also threw in a crazy Corsair billfold of some sort and a couple tubes of thermal paste I've never heard of but is probably better than what I've got.




Good stuff, hope it works, lol.


And last but not least (well, sort of least)...


Unidentified Brown Box #3! (UBB3!):




This little fella is from Jab-Tech, contents list as follows:


1x Wire sleeving kit - check

9x 120mm black fan gaskets - check

2x 80mm black fan gaskets - check

6x Nexus Real Silent 120mm fans - check

3x Nexus Real Silent 80mm fans - check

50' Carbon wire sleeving - check

5' Heatshrink - check

50 Fan screws, black - check

5x 120mm black anodized fan filters - check

Noise dampening sheets - check

12v DC w. Molex - check

4x compression fittings - check




1x Swiftech Apogee GTZ Extreme Performance CPU Waterblock - ?????



Where the crap is my damn waterblock Jab-Tech?!?!?


Today was going to be so awesome too. I knew someone was gonna ruin it.


I'm going to the bar.

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I wanted to "pop my cherry" by posting my first post to your thread.


I want results.....it has been nearly two months!


See you over Christmas?!



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I don't know how I missed this but it looks like an awesome project! I did something similar 10 years or so ago and loved the case, but it is not useable anymore due to its size and what not. Are you planning on cutting or painting an airforce logo somewhere on the case?




Here is what I did, it turned out OK but the blue turned out way to light for my taste.

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I see how it is...


Gotta resort to polygamy to get your jollies off...




OCC isn't good enough for ya!?









































but really...

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I checked out the other link man, that's hell of a job you did on the side panels. That design looks familiar for some reason, but I'm not sure if I've seen it before or not. A lot of work but its progressing very nicely.


Keep up the good work.

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I appreciate the comments, however the project will remain at OCN.


OCC isn't good enough for ya!?






The project will not be at OCN either, from this point on it shall pretty much just be my thing. The finished product will likely be seen at various places, but no worklog is planned for the remainder of the project. I will be taking picture though, so it is possible I might make an album of them and send/link it to interested parties.


We'll see.

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