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Vista Hp X64 / Vista Users Transfer Rate Issue

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Big hello to any DIY-Street members/mods and OCC mods/members.


As mentioned in another thread I have been using Vista HP x64 for 6 months (testing) and have run into a problem which I need people to test.

See sig for details on setup.


80GB drive with just Vista installed (SP1)

80GB drive with important data (30GB)

External USB drive


The problem,

I wanted to tansfer my important data to the USB drive, this data consists of uni work (docs,xls,ppt), pictures (jpg,bmp.gif), game patches, drivers, mp3 files, acronis images of my hard drive + other hard drives, loads of other stuff which I need/emails. So its quite a random bunch and equals 30GB.


Started transferring this to the USB drive in Vista and it started out at a very high transfer rate which settled down to 40MB/s and gradually kept failling until it reached 1MB/s. At this point Vista reported more than 1.30 hours to complete the transfer.


I had a feeling that something must be wrong so decided to try copying from internal drive to internal drive, the same thing happened.

Obviously I had no choice and waited the 1.30 hours for this to complete.


Now I am not quite sure where the problem lies, it is either Vista or a drive setting that I have done with the Vista setup that has caused the issue, the same thing happens in Vista safe mode. (plus superfetch and readyboot disabled)


To test I have wiped out the hard drive and put XP home and it did the same 30GB transfer in 13mins (internal to internal)

So I am 100% certain that it is not a hardware issue.


What would be good is if people with Vista can try to transfer a bunch of random large files at least 20GB to another drive to see what happens.

I am aware that this is an issue that MS claimed to have fixed in SP1.


- I had Vista with my drives running in AHCI mode.

- XP drives have been tested in IDE and RAID mode <not configured so each drive is acting independently.

Will try AHCI mode next under XP to see.

And RAID <not configured under Vista.


Thanks for any help.


EDIT: Problem solved, Reinstalled Vista and everything was back to normal.

My only explanation is that I must have done something with the drivers/settings which caused the issue.


But XP transfer rates are still that bit faster especially when using the USB drive. (3 mins faster)

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That's an odd problem to have. I've never messed with mine but transfers have never slowed down like that. I assume you have/had SP1 installed?

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