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Intel Q9450 & Family

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Guys why OCC hasn't reviewed Q9450 & its family members r they not worth it to test & I have also noticed that no major hardware site has review it like anandtech, toms hardware, OCC & X bits (pls correct me if i am wrong) , Can anyone explain me why haven

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Check the links each of the above have posted.


To date Intel wise we have done the

QX9770 45nm 12mb L2

Q9450 45nm 12mb L2

Q9300 45nm 6mb L2

Q6600 65nm 8mb L2


E8500 45nm 6mb L2


For the AMD side we have the

Phenom 9900

Phenom 9600 Black Edition

Phenom X3 8750

AMD 5000 Black box edition


And this is just from the last 10 months

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