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Confused About This..

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Okay First off, I do NOT add any extra voltage to my ram.

Thankfully also i have a pile of it too for instances as such.



(RAM used in this:


ballistix pc8500 4x1gb & pc6400 4x1gb EPP profiles

1 stick of each = now garbage


dominator pc8500 2x2g

1 stick = garbage (that one has me heated)



So I have had my 780i for a while. and when i updated to p06

I immediatley (upon reboot) had a bad stick of ram ( ballstix pc6400).


Didn't think much of it, RAM can die without warning..

it was only less than a year old. and i have some ram that i have had for ages...


Now i had switched it to a completely different set.

And updated to p07 And upon reboot had to replace the pc8500 (constant bios lockup)

with the 6400 ran perfect.

(now i have one dead stick of dominator)


And after a little bit of differences with how it handles my OC's, i decided to switch back to p06 today.

and upon reboot.

another dead stick.



so i post this in the EVGA forums under the 780i catagory

because if its happening. ONLY then. (i have ram from ages ago)

and they removed the post.


im kinda upset about this.

but more or less confused as to if i am doing something wrong.

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I am convinced that the 780i can kill RAM just like the 680i does. They have the same crappy mem controller, IIRC.


Try the RAM on a different mobo. If they test clean, you know the 780i is the problem. If they dont test clean, the 780i mobo might be fubaring them.

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Yeah, i run the Ballistix 24-7 usually @ the EPP 2.1v

when i do my bios and clear it always goes to 1.9v,

i was just hoping originally that it was too undervolted,


im going to pop off the computer next to me's side and test is right now, will reply in a min.



okay so both ballistix are dead in the gigabyte board.


the 2gb stick works in there, but not in mine still.. WTH thats not fair

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