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Extremely Jumpy Fps/screen In Wow - 8800gt

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I have an 8800GT (oc edition @ stock because of some issues, speeds done by rivatuner), i have the latest drivers and i have always played at 1280x1024, with x4 multisampling and everything turned on and on max except for ground clutter, this gave me around 75 fps in the world and 50ish in crowded towns


On saturday my internet became capped so i decided to give my pc a clean up and so some wire management, i use an antistatic wrist strap and i used a can of compressed air to clean all the dust from the inside, i unplugged everything and took the PSU out, took the 8800gt out, cleaned everything, put everything back in the case, no hardware was changed at all.


anyway, i thought i would check out my latency in WoW, as soon as i went in i wasnt too laggy except i noticed my whole screen jumping like crazy, which got worse in main cities, my latency was higher than usual (as expected) and i thought that the fps lag was due to my dial up speeds from being capped since i hadnt changed any computer component


I played a single player CSS game and single player COD4 with no decrease in performance, anyway, my internet is back to normal and so is my latency...however, i can now barely move in main cities, the fps lag is off the charts, i put on defaults, stayed the same, i turned everything off and/or on minimum...still persists, i check rivatuner and my 8800gt is still running at stock speeds, as stated before all other games have no problem at all


I found no similar problems on the WoW forums/googling


I was wondering if you guys had any idea what is going on?




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Guest KrankyOldLady

Dont really have an idea whats going on, but i do know that blizz keeps telling everyone there is no problem with their 2.4 patch, its your computer. (utter bull btw.)

What you can do is roll back 1 driver, cleaned the card too right?

Check the cooling and cables, just in case

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My desktop does something similar (though not exactly the same) since the last big patch (2.4). I get a constant 60 FPS but the framerate hitches up for a split-second every few seconds. I've tried doing a clean install without any addons and it does the same thing. Blizzard says it's my computer even though this was introduced the day the patch was released. Go figure.

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