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Which Of These Three Graphics Card


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I feel bad for my friend, and told him I would help him choose a card, he told me he only wants to MAX FFXI, the Half Life series, and only wants to test games like Gears,UTIII,and Call of Duty 4.


So out of these two which is a better choice





he could also go for this one




so which card is the better choice, also I am aware that the MSI one is open box, but he is still going to need to buy a DVI-VGA as that's his monitors cable.

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The 9600's/3850's can be found on sale for under 100$, I think that would be the best choice!




I don't see anything wrong with that :P




If he really really must get a Nvidia card...9600GT at $100


I don't think the 8600's are even worth that much. :unsure:

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