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Thing About Up Grading


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but i ve been thinking about up dating my setup 4 a while now

and been think about the cpu motherboard and ram any ideas any body

its not the latest but still can keep up with the high end rig, so why the need to upgrade? just the others keep telling you just wait for the nehalem, :)

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What do you have for audio? Not your card, but your speakers? Some guys plug in to their home audio... some guys build their own preamps and do some seriously sick stuff DIY... At one point, I decided I wanted better PC audio, but really didn't care if it was like my home system, - I just wanted excellent PC speakers. I enjoy my MP3s, but I play some first person shooters and I am just as likely to watch a DVD on my PC as on my home theater, so I ended up pretty much exclusively looking at 5.1 sets. I've had my Logitech Z5500 speakers for maybe two and a half years now and I've never regretted the purchase for even a second. As all-around performers for games, music, and movies, I haven't found anything better.


How's that razer mouse treating you? I've owned a few and they have never failed to impress right out of the box... until they develop the random disconnect problem or they start tracking weird, or the buttons start registering clicks for no reason or refuse to accept a double click, or the wheel starts either getting far too sensitive or completely losing sensitivity... or any other multitude of issues razer mice are prone to. I've purchased every single "gaming" mouse currently being made with the exception of the ROCCAT. For comfort and durability, I've narrowed it down to two very fine mice that have some advantage or another over any of the razers. You could get a SteelSeries Ikari Laser or you could spend half the money and get a Cyber Snipa Stinger. Both of those are right hand only mice, but if you happen to be right handed, have a look at them and decide on what to replace your razer with when it craps out on you.


But, I see that you are using a wireless keyboard, so maybe the gaming mice are overkill for you as you are probably not a gamer. At least, I have never met a serious gamer who used a wireless keyboard. I sure wouldn't use one for gaming.

well my audio ,i am 1 of the guys thats pluged it into my home audio system here goes front Kef IQ9 ,Rear Kef IQ7 ,center Kef IQ6c ,Sub Kef psw3500 ,Receiver Pioneer ax-5i ,DVD Pioneer DV-868AVi ,Blu Ray Panasonic DMP-BD10 ,tv Pioneer PDP-LX508D

as for gaming i only play 1 sort of game ,that is CnC (command & conquer) and wireless keyboard has worked well 4 all year of playing it

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