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Socket 775 Aftermarket Heatsink Suggestions

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Arctic Freezer 7 Pro

This HSF in my opinion is overrated in the budget market, it's not that it's a bad product, it's just not as good as some others in the same price bracket, but everybody knows it so it keeps getting recommended?


This is a far superior HSF for pretty much the same money? Build quality superior to the Arctic, better packaging, better fan and better performance.


OCZ Vendetta CPU Cooler Review


I have no hands on experience with it, as you said it's well known, and i'm basically going by reviews that i've read. The thing is a lot of the reviews on these will take into account the ease of installation, cooling, price et cetera. So that HSF keeps popping up high on the lists due to ease of installation and decent cooling for the price (for the price being the key words there I think hehe). Heck i've seen the TRUE's get low reviews on some sites just due to the installation even tho the cooling is great... *shrug*


But I would agree there are probably better coolers on the market, have to take some of those reviews with a grain of salt I think. I have heard of metal shavings on the zerotherms, but who knows that could be some guy who screwed up lapping the thing or something.


That OCZ looks great tho, good price, and a gold review here on OCC. Good suggestion for sure, looks like it installs the same way as most stock intel and amd HSF's too. So installation would be a breeze.

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