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Archos 605 Vs Ipod Touch

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I was wondering what is better to buy looking at it all around: price, quality, portability, and compatibility.


32gb Ipod touch vs. 160gb Archos 605.


Anyone recommend anything else?



Archos: here

32gb Ipod Touch: here



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thos are very diffrent product to compare.....


+100$ price diff

+130gb more on the archos (albeit hard drive)

+bigger screen on archos (resolution too)

+addons from archos can turn this into a mobile dvr, for an added cost

+can be used as external hard disk

- interface is considered by many to be sub par

- obvious features like a browser come at a 20$ ish plugin addon +archos has flash support, a rarity for portables

- not as popular as ipod, less support online.

+/- not locked into a single music manegement app



- 100$ price diff

+multi-touch beats the archos's touch easily

+much smaller size wise

+ipod line, tons of accessories, updates, app store, ect.

- space, 130gb less space, but flash memory is more durable

- cannot be used as external hard disk

+/- apple, your stuck with itunes for everything


consider the archos 705, its a bigger 605, just with a 7" screen so it would be the best for movies out of all

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Check the reviews on both....


I bought the wife a 4gig Archos back a couple years ago...the reviews said the hard drives die for no reason...sure enough hers died in 2 months....


the RMA process was like 4-5 weeks long...


any of the other Archos I have seen didnt get good reviews either...


I personally bought a Toshiba Gigabeat and love it...works like a charm

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hmphf, i was leaning towards the archos, but now i dont know anymore, i might just not buy one at all since I dont like ipod touch that much.

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if you want a good portable video/mp3 player, go on ebay and track down a Creative Zen Vision W 4.3" (they make 30-60GB versions) or you could get the new Zen that's alot skinnier and comes in sizes 2gb to 32gb...I beg you not to buy the Apple, even if you can install poor NES emulators on them. I loved my Zen Vision M and just recently got a Vision W and the the screen is beautiful, not to mention the external speaker is very clear and crisp (meaning in a fairly quiet room you don't need a pair of headphones) and the battery life is great at 4 hours~video (and they mean it) plus you can buy a Li-Ion battery pack to get like 7-8 hours~video

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