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Hey Everyone


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Hey guys, sorry I havent been around..


Ive ran in to some problems after my birthday..


Some how my CC Number got out to someone I am going to assume on the internet since all the stuff he bought was from .com stores..


It wouldent have been so bad if it was like a capital one card.. but.. it was my Savings/Checking Credit card..


Ive been broke.. for the past 3 weeks.. going nuts.. I had to freeze my account..

my checks from work are floating out their cuz the account is frozen.. and Schwans "my work" said it will be another week before I can actually get the checks sent to my house and out of direct deposit..


the person spent a little over a grand out of my account.. basicly all I have..

And Ive written a letter of dispute to my bank.. they said they froze the card..


and.. They are working on getting my cash back.. and Ive recently emailed them asking what the heck is going on.. they havent gotten back to me..


I am just very frusterated at this point in time..


Just wanted u all to know, I may not be around much for a while till this gets worked out cuz, I am just.. frusterated is a word to use.. that I can actually say on this board..


All ive been doing is trying to get this worked out.. and going to work..

and work is starting to suck! we lost a few employees.. and we are definitly short handed right now.. I put in a little over 55hrs this week..


On the upside.. I am getting promoted lol.. I will be 2nd in charged.. almost a manager but not quite.. Im getting a whole 11.02 now an hr.. w00t. go me..


Anyways, I still like u guys, Just got alot going on :) I shall be back soon..



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