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Need A Step-by-step Walkthrough

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hello everybody.


i recently moved into a new home with my wife and we decided to have both of our pc's grouped in the same room. I have bellsouth fastaccess DSL and I wanted to share my connection with her so that she wouldn't need to use dial-up (not to mention paying the extra $ to do so).


well, I recently purchased a linksys (model #BEFSR41) router and I hope that this will accomplish what i'd like it to do, however, I've never done this before and i needed a step-by-step walk-through from anyone who would be so kind.


let me mention that I plan on hooking my xbox/playstation to this router so that I wouldn't have to switch CAT5 cables everytime i wanted to play, but obviously i won't be using the internet at the same time i'm playing (due to performance issues).


my computer runs on windows xp media center edition

her computer runs on windows 2000


could this be accomplished?


thanks in advance.

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I have that router... it's really really simple... all I do is connect the WAN port to the Internet (I guess you've got a cable modem with an Ethernet RJ-45 socket?)


Then connect both computers to the router via Ethernet cables


Run network setup wizard on each computer (if W2k doesn't have this, you can make a setup disk with XP), choose options to connect through gateway


Setting up the router depends on your ISP, basically on one of the machines, go to http// , I think the default username/password is admin/admin or just look in the manual... the Setup > Basic Setup page that appears needs to be filled in with the corresponding information to match your Internet connection, get this from your ISP if you don't know what it is (you might be able to set this to Automatic)


Click over to the Status tab and if you have the router set up right, you should see IP address info in there for the gateway and DNS servers.


You should now have Internet access on both machines, if not, reboot them, or you can go to the commandline and type:


ipconfig /release


then after it's release the network info:


ipconfig /renew


that's about it... the only thing you could possibly get stuck on is the ISP info, so make sure you find out what it is...

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Default password for most linksys routers I have uses is the username is blank and the password is admin.


Not blank the word, just absent of any entry. :)



The linksys wesite also has pretty good info on how to set them up with a variety of ISPs.




I think my last router before I bought the WRT54G was the same as the OP's. Worked like a champ for ages and then bizarely gave up the ghost after a few years. maybe is was the 11, i can't recall. I probably have is around somewhere, but oh well. :)


I REALLY should start throwing my crap away.

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