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Computer freezes when opening winamp with pls files in it

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pls files are causing my PC to freeze sometimes...


With winamp as long as it was open I would never have the issue, I could load new pls as long as I wanted. It just when winapm first loads up it can cause my PC to freeze. VLC and I think MPC also have the same issue when opening pls (internet radio playlist).


Anyway, after one of these "freezes" its like it sort of reset my firefox (most bookmakrs gone, all settings reset, some of my pluggins loaded there homepage like they were just installed + my homepage was reset.


Any ideal what causing this? Its worrying me. Its not the HDD my OS is installed on, nor is it my ram. Other then that the only issue I consistently had with my PC was bioshock DEMO freezing shortly into the game (but full version works fine, and im already in second city).


Seems weird and random.


edit: well I just tested it with a reg audio file (I usually never use winamp for that) and it did the same thing... this time I heard audio in a infinite loop (0,5s) obviously because with internet radio it never gets that far... testing on my vista partition right now... will update if vista crashes.


edit: NM, bittorrent files are just in a un-finished folder, weird

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