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Mike A

Is it necessary to install SATA drivers with F6 during install?

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I'm upgrading my PC soon, and I was wondering whether I must intall the SATA drivers during install with F6, or is it possible to install Windows in IDE mode (thought the BIOS), and when I got Windows running - only then to install the SATA drivers and switch to AHCI in the BIOS?

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Guest Retratserif

Yep, he is right, only when you need raid.


If you use Nlite, you can make a totally unattended OS install. Just use your original disk and download all of the Services Packs. If you can get SP3 "all other updates and patches", and your Chipset, Video, Sound...ect..., you can integrate them all into it too.


I use a thumb drive for this now, so I do not waste CD's or DVD's, plus burning process time.


You test your Crated ISO's with Vmware.


I also have a basic Nilte profile that has no drivers in it. Only the Server Packs. That way if I need to make a disk for a different PC, I can pick and choose out of a library of drivers I have been collecting for common mobo's and video cards.


I do all of my work out of a 8gb usb drive and swap ISO's from that into a 4gb USB drive. This makes Installing pretty much as fast as your HD's write speeds. USB is a ton faster than any DVD/CD drive that I have ever used.


My OS tweaks are based loosely on Angry Games's OS services Tweaks. Not sure if that video is still up. It was very informative.


I have been testing with Vlite, "Vista version of Nlite". So far, its pretty good. Though I have yet to remove any services. I have a ton of reading to do before I gut it out to get any performance gains. I also will see if someone else has already made a profile too. That may save me some time. Only downfall, is that you need a 64 bit OS to run a 64 bit VMware, to test 64 bit OS's. lol. Chicken or the Egg dealy.



All of this may seem extreme, but I do re-install about every 2 months. Keeps things running smooth always. Plus I am preparing to give all old PC's to my family that really needs them.

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I also forgot to mention that I do not want to slipstream the drivers to the installation cd.

Why only RAID? What about NCQ? I have to run the HD in SATA mode and not IDE mode for it to work. Will NCQ give me any better performance at all? Maybe it's just a waste of time...

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Guest InFeKtioN

Why would you not want to slipstream ? no big deal..... and you can use it over and over.

And as cheap as cdr media is .... you can just throw it away if you don't need it any more....


Why only RAID? What about NCQ?


Well .... they are two different things !


Native Command Queuing (NCQ) is a technology designed to increase performance of SATA hard disks under certain situations by allowing the individual hard disk to internally optimize the order in which received read and write commands are executed.


RAID — which stands for Redundant Arrays of Inexpensive Disks or Redundant Arrays of Independent Disks — is a technology that employs the simultaneous use of two or more hard disk drives to achieve greater levels of performance, reliability, and/or larger data volume sizes.


Google them for more information !


I have to run the HD in SATA mode and not IDE mode for it to work


These drives are also two different things ....


Either you have a SATA drive or an IDE drive ..... which use two different cables !


3Stars answered your question as basic as could be .....


I guess I would ask if you have ever installed a HDD before, or opened a case before ?


You can find a lot of information on just about any of your questions here @ DIY-Street if you just search ...


Try here:



After you do some searching, if you still have questions .... let us know !


Good luck !

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Actually I'm quite experienced with installing hardware (built many pcs from scratch) and I know that IDE and SATA have different cables.

The thing is, when I connect my SATA drives, WinXP installation will not recognize them unless I press F6 and supply the SATA drivers.

However, if I change the operating mode in the motherboard to IDE, I will be able to install WinXP without supplying the drivers in the F6 thing.

My question, is there a performance hit when doing that IDE mode (such as not having NCQ - correct me if I'm wrong)? And if yes, can I install WinXP on IDE mode, and install the SATA drivers when I'm done?

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