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MB no longer recognizes SATA drive

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Was overclocking my NF4 INF SLI at 225mhz fsb. No other changes were being made other then dropping the memory frequency to 166mhz.


I was playing FSX when the sound went screwy and the game locked up. I had to restart the computer and when I did the motherboard no longer saw my harddrive. I moved it to another sata port but still nothing.


I popped out the battery and reset the cmos and the thing still does'n't recognize anything plugged into a sata port. To check that drive I went and bought a brand new hard drive and it too was not recognized on any sata port.


Broken motherboard?





AMD 64 4600+ 2.4ghz

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How long did you clear the CMOS for?


When overclocking you must decrease the hypertransport ratio, without doing this may cause corruption on the sata BUS. Which may be why they no longer work. (High frequency has fried them).


Other than trying to clear the CMOS for 10mins there is not much that you can do.

Are the drives definitely getting power?

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