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Guest Lavell_merged

How Many PC's Do You Own?


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It's true....


I use my new rigs for my business and just surf the street in between the time I enter the data I need to save...that way it's 99% business so the business pays for it and I can write it off...


Because it depreciates so rapidly I build a new one every 2 years for the business....



Another way to do it is build it yourself and rent it to your business...but then you cannot write it off as far as I know...but you can write off the rent...I dont mess with this because it gets too complicated to keep track of usage...

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Let me think....


New Rig in Sig #1 (mine)

Old Rig in Sig #2 (wifes)

Two older Dell P4s one is house server the other is just an unsed PC #3 & 4

Two Dell Latitude laptops #5 & 6 (work machines)

One Dell Inspiron Laptop #7 (Daughter's)

HP Latop and a 939 Desktop #8 & 9 (Son's Rigs)


Way too many for a family of 4.

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well theres 8 in this house

2 lappies for work

play rig 1 gigabyte 965 2160 + 4 gig of 0cz water cooled(will be going under the phase next week)

play rig 2 dfi expert opty @3.4 4 gig mushkin blackline phase unit

play rig 3 dfi ultra winchester @ 2.7 2 gig mushkin redline phase unit

kids asus 3700 sandy 2gig corsair xms stuff zalmaned plus 7800 gt sli'ed

wifes intel 478 3.2 prescott 2gig ocz el platinum 4 X 512 air

little ole box 2.2 celeron

just sold on slease bay 4 p4 boards,my beloved "sista" 2 other socket a's

and still have over 6 gig of ram sitting on the shelve plus 2 more 939's and a few 775's ready to go under the cooker.

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Guest Lavell

Thank you Wevsspot and Dr. Bowtie for teaching me the ways of the Force. Now I must go and apply my teachings so that I too can become a Jedi Knight like my mods before me.:P

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4 Pc's


Main rig with XP

2nd with Vista, still finding out if i like vista enough to put it on my main rig.

3rd for playing around with linux.

The 4th is taken apart at the moment.

I do have enough very old AMD socket A parts to build a 5th rig if i had a PSU.

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