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RAID-1 or external backup, or BOTH?

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Hey. im basically at an impass and need configuration advice from other users. i keep my HDDs connected to the Nvidia SATA ports 1-4 on a DFI NF4 SLI-DR.


my OS drive is 74gb Raptor (C: ), i only store programs/games on this drive so if it craps out i can buy another and just fresh install without losing data.


my concern is my second drive, 500gb Seagate(D: ), which currently stores 200gb of FLAC music files, photos, some backup data and game saves ect. this drive is destined to keep growing with new media and backing everything up to DVD is overwhelming.


im thinking about buying another 500gb drive to setup RAID-1. this should prevent me from losing my data to a (single)HDD hardware failure. but i cant find full info and have some questions first.


1. will i be be able to connect either 500gb drive independently and explore them in My Computer on a different machine/OS? or does the RAID-1 config somehow make them perminantly joined and needing RAID driver for the NF4 chipset?

2. will i have to wipe my existing (D: ) drive to set up RAID-1 fresh, or can i just mirror what already exists on my (D: ) drive?

3. i am running the Nvidia IDE storage driver so my SATA drives are showing up as removable devices. if i enable RAID in BIOS will i still have to load floppy drivers in windows F6 setup? (note that i am not installing Windows on this RAID-1 array)



another option is to use the second 500gb drive externally and make weekly backups of new files, i think i can do this by using the My Briefcase option in windowsXP where it will automatically sense and update changes to the folder. am i wrong, do i need to do this updating manually?


after i decide on the method of redundant backup id like to then image the drive on DVD so i can restore in case of catastrophic failure or theft. problem is ive read nothing but bad about Norton Ghost, and Acronis TruImage doesnt support SATA. do i have any other option for hard external (offsite) backup besides stacks of DVDs or a third HDD storing yet ANOTHER 1:1 copy of 500gb of data? Blu-Ray burner is still like $600 and 25gb BD are like $15.


ANY info is appreciated. thanks

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