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When will the new Motherboards with 780a come out?

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does anyone knows something about my question?

I will buy a new AM2+ board with nvidia 780a chipset.

But there is only a Asus board available at this time.

I prefer DFI or Gigabyte.

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From the looks of things soon, so far I was only able to find Asus and MSI boards, with the 780a chipset. This is the first time I have ever seen a built in gpu on a highend board, but that HybridPower technology seems pretty neat, the ability to use the onboard gpu for browsing the web then it kicks in the graphics card when you want to game.

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Why nvidia? got nvidia from b4, or is in 100% need of the nvidia opertunities, go nvidia.


Otherwise i suggest 780G 790GX! from AMD.


Cheap and fast chipsets.


Well abit summerize:

Nvidia chipsets for:

Hybrid power

Hybrid sli

hybrid all the other crap lotsa users will never use.


Amd for any1 else who just use a discrete card.

For ones who are out for hybrid CF.

And the other stuff like that.

For the ones with tighter budget, and likes powerconsumtion numbers.


780A should be released by now






"Ubekrefta 2008-06-01"


Means: delivery date 6th of may 2008 (Not confirmed delivery date)


So there you have it, already asus 780A have been around, i cannot see ANY other than that single board in norway, though look for you, since norway does more products than i see in US.


PS. Norway got earlier releases on lots of stuff, like 3870X2, 790FX 780G and stuff like that, when its here, its not always released, nvidia stuff usually takes 2 weeks after release to get here, so i reccon, its already out.

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