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Airflow Deflector Mod

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Guest terminator

Following carrying out 'The PSU Mod' to RE-reverse the PSU, in the Nine-Hundred, one of the Guys, on the forum had an idea, it may cause 'dead spots' (airflow wise), at the bottom of the case.


To eliminate this, the possibility of 'eddy' currents, and to channel the air, directly from the bottom drivecage towards the Graphics card, I decided to make an : Air Deflector.

First, I made a cardboard template, The odd shape is to 'clear' the PSU cable hole, and a couple of cable ties :


Luckily, I had some 3mm Aluminium :


Fitted. (with a strip of Weatherseal, between it and the PSU, to prevent 'rattle').


and Side view:



Side fan 'Blanking Plate' Mod :

Because I was going to be using the Thermalright Ultra mounted vertically, I wouldn't be able to fit a Side 120mm fan.

I didn't fancy the idea of most of my two front 120's air, escaping out of the hole.

You Can buy a plain (windowless) side panel from: Antec ....... but, Hey! we're trying to save a bit of money here, right ?

I got a piece of 3mm plywood, cut it to size, sprayed it: Satin Matt Black (should've used 'primer', first ! Doh) :




Added some 'weatherseal'/draught excluder, for a more airtight fit :




Push fitted to side panel, using existing 'pins and tabs' :




Exterior view :







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