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I've LOst the Floppy with Raid driver of My ultra-D!Helpz Someone coul

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Hi Guys,

as the title says ,

i 've Lost the Floppy drive who came with my Mobo Ultra-d 939.


???Can Someone Post The image Of the floppy?(should Be 700Kb at max i believe)


I Ask/ Beg For that reason:

Looking At the site There are 3 DIFFERENT Drivers...

that LABELS "raid driver" for Ultra_d !!


...And the strange is:

every file has A DIFFERENT release date,

But the revision Numbers of any release Are not connected with the year (don't MAtch in FAct) ,so



Better to get A copy from ONE existing Floppy i believe

(or to be sure WHICH ONE to download ,butnobody told me as for now),


but Nobody In Italians forums DId THAT favor to me :confused::confused:




!!! Just look at the date and the revision of those 3 for example..DOn't MATCH

Revision 001 

Driver RAID Driver 

OS Window XP 

File NFUM_NVRAID_F6.zip 

Size 627,134 bytes

Date 2006/07/27

Description NVIDIA RAID driver for Windows 2K/XP.



Driver RAID Driver 

OS Window XP 


Size 545,515 bytes

Date 2006/01/27

Description nForce4 RAID0/1 Driver & Silicon Image 3114 RAID0/1/5 Driver (Self-Extract to floppy for F6 Installation).


Revision 5.34 

Driver RAID Driver 

OS Window XP 

File nForceRaid_5p34.zip 

Size 565,912 bytes

Date 2005/03/10

Description NForce RAID Driver for Windows 2K/XP/2003.




SO if someone could Kindly Help me uploading a "SURE "working Image of The ORIGINAL FLOPPY,

i would be fully GRATEFUL :angel:


and the good KArma will reach Him/her from the deep Of My HEART :angel: :) :)



THank YOu GUYS in advance!

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5.34 is the original shipped with the boards....


001 is the latest but maybe not the greatest....


do the 5.34 if you want the same shipped raid that came with your board....



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Thank You bldegle2!.

On The original floppy there were other drivers too ,or just that one?


Or better..Now i made a floppy from 5.34 :

SO I Have the exact copy of the original floppy at that point?



I had the answer Here in 10 minutes,

Here on italians forums i had to beg and i get stupid "partial" answers many many times,

You know ..the kind of answer th. Pull You to ask many times always more precisely, feeling yourself Dumb..

SO Thank's to be Smart in helping too.

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