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DFI dk 790fxmod: adding debug led?!

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was wondering if it's possible to add a debug LED to this mobo: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16813136044




I've found that the motherboard has a spot for it, but dfi doesnt put one on. it's got the same pin layout as the debug led on the cfx3200


it's bigger bro:



main differences are small. it just has a few extra features.


there is some difference in the two boards, but it's minimal. an additional pcix 4x and debug led, better cooling on chipset, and 2 more sata ports for which there are empty spots for as well here.



i'll try it out, but just wondering if i can do anything to this board to make it awesome :D








only disernable differences between mobos is that the 100$ more one has a sil chip, and that extra lane. i know i could desolder and attach things onto the mobo, but would it get picked up? example: the motherboard has room for dual lan, but dfi only put 1 lan in. i could remove the puiny usb and replace it with a usb/lan module. but would the mobo pick it up or would that take bios modding/etc?

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