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New Build, advice needed :)

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Heya, building a new PC, could use an outsiders opinion...

  1. CPU: Q9450 (If it won't be out this month, maybe the Q6600), or the 8400/8500 ( probably the Q though)
  2. MOBO:

    1. Asus maximum forumla
    2. Gigabyte's ( problem here ):
      1. X38/X48. Ill try the x48 if i can find it.
      2. At either of them, DS5/DQ6. I CANT!!! understand the real difference? I believe the DQ6 should have better components.

      [*]CPU Cooler: (have) Tuniq Tower

      [*]Memory: DDR2, 4GB, i believe i should try getting 1000 MHZ for the new CPUS, what ya reckon? if 1000, then probably OCZ's, Options:

      1. Reaper series (very cheap here right now)
      2. If 800, it can be corsair, cant seem to find anything else, and i dont want to try g.skill again.

      [*]HDD(s): (Have) WD: 200, 250 and 300 MAXTOR, i wanna kick the maxtor out ( already dead once, got back refurbished, damn them) and get a w.d. 500, maybe their raid edition for some better components.

      [*]GFX: Big dilemma again:

      1. 8800 GTS/GT 512MB.
      2. Probably Asus/BFS/Leadtek/Gigabyte ( i know, a lot to choose )
        I found the BFG GTS512 OC for a pretty good price, so it will probably be it, or Asus's GT (maybe TOP), for the record
        i Prefer the dual slot cooler --> less noise.

      [*]Sound: (Have) X-Fi xtreme music

      [*]PSU: (Have)OCZ's gameXstream 600w

      [*]Case:Again, dilemma, not sure im getting, got Themletake xavir 3 ( which i dont like). wanna move to:

      1. Antec p182se
      2. CM stacker Cosmos / 831
      3. Don't really want TT again, but the Kandalf VA9000BWS is an "price" option too.
      4. anything else in the range of the antec's price will be very appreciated.

      Thank you very much, Alon.

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I'm running the DS4 version of Gigabyte's X38 board, and I'm really satisfied with it. Nothing against the Asus board, but if I were spending my paycheck I'd get the Gigabyte board in the DS5 version and save yourself a little bit of money.


Unless you've just got to have a quad core, then the E8400 would be a solid choice. I'm running one of those in my personal rig and it goes straight to 4.0ghz without even breaking a sweat.


The X38 Gigabyte boards love the FSB, so make sure you get memory that has enough headroom to keep up with your FSB. I think the OCZ Reapers are a good choice.


Cases are such a personal choice it's hard to make a suggestion one way or another. The Antec and Stacker are both great cases. Sometimes you can catch the Antec 900 on sale and if you can get a good buy on one it is a great case, excellent air flow and pretty quiet. There are also tons of cool mods you can make to that case and there is a lot of information about those case mods here and out on the internet in general.

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1. I Prefer Quad Core, as I'm replacing this system at a rate of 1 / 2-3 years. And i noticed that till now, my prediction as of what i will need for a good system in 2 years is accurate.

(at least, until now).


Besides, the 9450 should not cost that much, i mean, in the end, it just replaces the Q6600, which is very cheap right now.


I'm thinking 'bout the x48/x38 Gigabyte DS5 as my main option now, and the money from the Asus will go into a GTS instead of a GT.


As for a case, i think I'm canceling the CM Cosmos S, but maybe the regular.

As for the antec900, its pretty cheap ( half the Cosmos ), but I'm not sure i like the way it looks, and i think i prefer a windowless chassis this time. But I'm definitely looking into it now...

Any other suggestion are welcomed :)

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