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Help w/Mobile A64 3400+ LP250gb install !

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just bought a 3400+ mobile Clawhammer on ebay to start learning how to overclock. (I actually have 4 procs to attempt but I chose the mobile because it seems they are supposed to run cooler, anyway, I stick it in my MB and it recognizes it and displays "mobile athlon 64 3400+" and then it reboots just before booting into windows.

ONTO the dilemma-

I have the last and latest BIOS for my board LP 250gb nf3, and all the other proc's work flawlessly upon insertion however this mobile will not boot to windows.

NOW I have had this board for 4 years and have always left it all on auto because I never had time to dive into the A64 OC'ing- now I am getting ready to start that but I need to start with manual setting apparently for the mobile to work.

does anybody have any experience with running a mobile on this board. if you do can you please stear me in a direction on getting it to run.

I am pretty much a nubee so you might have to spell things out a little more than you normally would. like for instance I can't for the life of me figure out what the memory ratio's do exactly (yes I have read lots of stuff on it but hasn't sunk in yet)

I just want to get the mobile working or verify that it is even a good processor, for all I knwo it is toast and its already doing all its going to do. and I got ripped off.

if you do have experience with this setup, please just tell me exactly what settings I need to put in manually, because it will not do it automatically.

thanks - PCRX:eek2:

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new OS install???? or a HD that has a previosuly loaded OS brought over from a different machine...BTW, i have one of these boards and have had a mobile 754 4000+ running @3gig, this cpu is currently in my laptop running 2.8gig, HTT/FSB bumped a bit to 215.3.....i posted this tidbit just to show a mobile works fine in these boards....



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