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help to overclock my opty 175

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hi there this is my 1st post,and i was looking for someone who would give step by step guide in overclocking my amd opteron 175 with my asus ABN-sLi SE, so far i can only done overclocking it with asus easy overclocking feature not the manual,coz i heard allot of people with my same cpu thats can get over lng 2.7ghz(mines only 2.4ghz with max in asus easy oc)


and also i was wondering i had this issue in my memory ram when bios boot at start up i can see only like 200mhz instead of 400mhz,some people said because its double because of the ddr thing but im not really convince since when i see the boot up screen it said "200mhz single channel" ive notice it has to be dual rather than single channel,maybe i was really only 200mhz at all not 400mhz


thats why my memory ram was the lowest score on my vista index rating for only 2.4!! the rest are like 5.up..:sad:



can some help me..thanks allot


oh my spec are


175 opty 2.2(2.4curent oc)

mobo s939 -asus a8n-sli se

ram-2 gigs of samsung pc3200 ddr400 184 pin DIMM OEM

250 HDD seagate

HIS iceq3 RADEON 3870

550w psu raidmax

os-vista ultimate

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it is a sticky.....at the entrance to this subforum, look at the stickied stuffs above the actual real time postages......


"THE" Definitive DFI AMD Overclocking guide! (merged all the overclocking stickies into one guide!)"


good place to start, it helps to understand what you are doing step by step, and how to achieve the best results......


when you have exhausted all yer options, then come back with a specific question or three.....you will look back on this in a month or two (or maybe less) and realize it is pretty easy, just a bit time consuming to reach absolute maxes....



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Plenty of reading required as already stated :)


The 200MHz thing is ok as thats 400 after ddr applied but if running singl channel then ram is in wrong slots on the motherboard...move one stick to other coloured slot.


Have fun :)

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