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Angry's rant + homework

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Whatever anyone's personal beliefs or convictions, we have to hand it to Angry for spurring us on to a spirited discussion and actually THINKING about some of the stuff he has laid out in writing for us.


Back to deer hunting for a bit . . .


In many states the modern gun season consists of buck only hunts (i.e. male deer), with an either . season before and after, but generally restricted to more primitive weapons such as bow or black powder.


However, due to the huge explosion of the deer population in many parts of the United States, more and more states are extending seasons or having special either . hunts. Deer left unchecked wreak havoc on crops, the family farm, your own little garden out back etc. Plus venison tastes great, is 100% all natural and has less fat than regular beef. Have a great big good bowl of deer chili and you'll never want anything else.


Bambi will survive. Trust me.


Branjo, our last several posts might seem like a little tit-for-tat between you and I, but I want everyone here to know something. While I don't agree with much of what Branjo writes, I still respect him. I respect him for putting his convictions in writing, and then offering his reasons for believing them. We are fortunate that we live in a country where even having this discussion is possible. In other places, every single one of us would probably already be locked up for some of the things and ideas that we've written here.


I also respect Branjo because even though we may not share ALL of the same interests, we do still have a couple in common. We love tinkering with 'puters and we love being here at DIY-Street.


Cheers Everyone. Have a great day (or great night if your on the other side of the ocean).

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Ahh come here ya big knucklehead (Hand shake followed by a big male bonding hug) you have my deepest respect my friend and I appreciate everything you wrote . I'm sorry for getting on my soapbox, I'm not a tall guy so the height must have made me dizzy lol.


I have never saw a deer in real life, in N.Ireland it would be like seeing a unicorn lol, but I guess I can compare it to rabbits, cute n all but they make an awesome stew. Weirdest thing I have seen here yet was a raccoon. I was fishing and one came up about 10 feet from me and just emptied a garbage can on the floor picked through it, gave me a look like... "What!" and just wandered off. It was awesome but when I told my wife she kinda looked at me funny and said I need to stop messing with computers and get out more lol.


Peace bro

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You make it awfully difficult to reply to a post that long Travis, the chances of missing something critical to respond to are pretty high. However, I will do my best.


For the record, that was a 12 page, 5,155 word essay. Also for the record, copying and pasting quote boxes into Word 2007 works really well.


That said, here goes. :)


On Fox News/All news


My comments about Fox were not only derived from your post. You have had other posts that specifically point them out. Many other people on this forum as well as others have pointed the same thing out. Even MORE people I have spoken with point it out.


I looked at the numbers (what I could find anyway) and it turns out Fox News actually is pretty consistently more popular than any other. Whether this is merely due to maximized coverage or not is beyond me, but okay.


In any case, many of people that I have spoken with that express their dislike for FN are just like those sheep that you were talking about. But a different kind of sheep. These aren't the ones that follow the government, these are the morons that follow pop culture. They look a lot alike, but you can tell from the stuttering answers and references to pop culture throughout what is supposed to be a serious debate.


These are the sheep that follow John Stewart to a heartbeat, because he is "hip", these are the people that hear 80% of their other friends slam President Bush, and decide to copy that. These same people hear that Fox News is for idiots, and so decide that it is. Not that they have ever watched any news ever anyways.


Now I'm not saying that there is anything wrong with liking John Stewart or slamming President Bush, I've done my fair share of both. Hell, I'm not even saying that there is anything wrong with Fox News because in my opinion it is barely worse than any other network. MY OPINION.


When I watch the news I only have three choices when it comes to news networks - Fox News, MSNBC, and CNN. While personally I have found MSNBC to be the best it seems a number of people on the interweb think that CNN is. Fair enough, fortunately I don't watch any of them regularly because it's impossible to do so. I don't care about pop culture, not when I'm watching the news. If somebody died, well that's a big deal to some people so put it on that damn ticker and let people read about the details it in the newspaper the next day. It's this hate of "not-news" that makes me watch all three at the same time. Whenever a commercial comes on or a dumb story comes on, or a good story that has been covered for 50 hours in the last three days comes on, then I change it to a different one.


Yeah, Fox News tends to throw in more of the pop-culture crap that I don't care about. MSNBC tends to cover a few more "real" stories. The majority of intelligent people are doing the same thing, or ignoring them altogether and reading stories online from various news sources - which I also do. Mostly because I don't like getting up from my desk, but still.


Neo-conservative Angry? I think that's taking it a bit far. Neo-conservatives (and uber-liberals for that matter) are scary stupid, Fox News is just stupid. But perhaps it's conservatism explains it's popularity at the moment. Do general Republicans (I say general meaning the ones that only vote Republican no matter what) have any other news source to watch that isn't at least slightly biased towards the liberal side? I'm not using that as an excuse to watch it, but it gets old when your party is completely torn a new butthole every week do to "somebody" xxxxing it up.


[Dwight Schrute voice]


Question: Would you rather people not watch any news at all than to watch Fox News?


[/Dwight Schrute voice]


You clearly have a problem with sheep (heh) so do you want idiots to watch the news at all? When people hear things from the news, you're right - they generally try to accept it as fact. But would you rather people be completely ignorant of what is going on or would you want them to at least have a slight idea of what is going on?


Is this the country we want to live in? Guys like technodan just accepting whatever is put on their plates?


You know I don't just accept it (and you said as much) the problem is realists are tired of talking about it. I know for a fact that talking will not accomplish anything. I also know that I have no idea where to start the change at, as intelligent as a may or may not be. Actually I suppose bringing BBC International to America might be a good thing, and fining news corporations for blatant lies and misdirection. Dammit, we're gonna need the FCC on our side. But if buddy up with them then we have to accept no nudity or potty-mouths on TV...




Okay fine, so I have some ideas. I still wouldn't have a clue where to implement them. The main point is I'm just tired of mouthbreathers spouting off the same hate for Fox News as intelligent sheep lovers do.



(Angry_mademecry :()
That's the problem. There aren't a lot of technodans in this country anymore. Or maybe there are, and THAT is the problem. You hear some bull crap lie and you figure everyone else knows it's nothing but bull crap and so you just get angry when someone like me keeps stating that it's bull crap...because you think "HEY DUMBASS EVERYONE KNOWS IT ALREADY".


I'm unsure on this one. I'd like to think there could be an army of technodan's around the country but that would mean somebody is cloning me (or I'm a clone!!1!) and we're gonna have a real problem with sexy coming back so suddenly.


I don't think there are many people like me. I hope not. If you really knew what goes through my mind you'd agree. Think Cartman from the "Hellen Keller" (season 4, episode 14) when he closes his eyes. That'll get you close.


People like technodan expect the rest of us to realize it's all bull crap and so he gets mad at people like me who he thinks should have better things to do.


No, what I expect from you (of all people) is to know your audience. While I'm sure that many people have read this and simply not posted, notice the guys that are posting are pretty intelligent people. In fact, I'd wager 90% of our userbase is pretty intelligent. That extra 10%? They don't read threads like this, they aren't interested in it.


Granted I suppose that goes both ways, I read it knowing full well I'd disagree with you somewhere. But I don't mind discussing stuff without actually having to hear the mouthbreathers to my left. :)


I think that pretty much covers the news. But in summary - they all suck hard. I'm tired of them sucking hard. I wish they'd stop. Except for that one with the legs.




Religion: dun-Dun DUNNN!!!


You somewhat alluded to religion a bit in your last post (and I don't remember reading your first one, I'm pretty sure I passed out somewhere in the middle) so I figured I'd throw in my two cents.


...how jackasses like Glenn Beck (a mormon...in case anyone didn't realize it and wondered why he had his nose so far up Mitt Romney's butt) SCREAMED bloody murder about how this country was a Christian country and it would be the end of America if we let some terrorist swear on HIS OWN RELIGIOUS TEXT instead of the CHRISTIAN BIBLE?


I've been wondering of late what I would swear on would I ever appear in court. Or for that matter, when I join the military. I probably won't complain of swearing on the Bible simply because I don't want to have to deal with any additional bull crap. That and I need the job.


I used to listen to Glenn Beck (radio, only watched him on TV once). He is just like any other news program, he skews things his way and leaves some news on the side of the road. That said, he does cover issues that mainstream news programs don't. I wouldn't go so far as to say I like Glenn Beck, but he's hardly a pushover.


Of course there are some things I hate about him as well.


Religion of course is key. His mantra about the "founding fathers" is incredibly annoying too. He's one of the guys that seems to think they were perfect and everything they wrote or said should be listened to more than anyone else, ever. Not the worst of role models of course, but it's this mentality that won't allow the country to change for the better.


That's my mistake I alluded to in my first post. The founding fathers included 'God' yet made certain other religions would be allowed as well. Not equally of course, but allowed. Doesn't that seem ripe for issues down the road? Like, really big issues? Like, when the people part for USA Civil War II extravaganza! there won't be Christians on one side and everyone else (including the smart Christians) on the other?


In any case, when asked of my religion I have always checked the "other" box. Hell, one form didn't even have boxes, I wrote it in!


My religion is my own, it has no place for anyone else. Nobody knows what it is because I don't tell them. Some assume I'm an atheist or agnostic simply because of that. That's fine, a narrow view like that will always get you places.


But here's my problem with this last quote Travis. You aren't doing yourself any favors by asserting your intelligence over that of Mr. Beck's. You assume simply because he happens to be a Mormon that he likes Romney? Do you also assume that a woman who likes Hillary only does so because she's a woman? How about a black person who likes Obama? Hell, maybe Beck only like Romney because he's a white dude, did you think of that???


Maybe I give people more credit than they deserve. Maybe people really are as shallow and dumb as you seem to think. I'd like to hope otherwise, because if you're right then it's already too late. You won't be able to change their minds. Hell, you won't even be able to reach them.




Gunzors!!! Yeah, killkillkill!!!


Travis: I agree. Sort of.

Fogel: I disagree. Mostly.


Rebellion is and always will be an option. You can talk of all the super hi-tech weapons that the United States has, but most would never be used on our own soil. Any that do massive damage would certainly never be used.




Because the people using the most deadly of weapons are also the smartest. The guys sitting in front of the button are the guys saying "maybe we shouldn't be doing this"


After the first few are shot for treason even more would follow them.


Notice the trouble we have in Iraq? I think even Travis pointed it out. We have all kinds of weapons but none of them are viable for what we're trying to accomplish. Short of flattening giant pieces of useful land covered in cities (and people in them) infantry is all we've got. Even tanks are mostly useless over there, except in a defensive role.


That's all I've got in me for now. I guess I'm stuck in this thread forever.




For someone who hates pop-culture I truly did throw in quite a few references.


Oh, and am I the only one on the planet who thinks both John Stewart and President Bush are giant douchebags? I mean, they aren't as bad as Will Ferrell and Oprah, but still...that's a lot of douchebaggery.

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Wow, is it getting warm in here or is it just me? Y'ouch! We may need a ref for Angry and Techno. When Moderators Attack... Each Other. :tooth:


Fogel your not to shabby when it comes to a LAP yourself lol, but I can't fault you for it bro. Being a Brit myself, thats the American attitude that makes me wanna stand shoulder to shoulder with you.

lol thanks - There's quite a few here on this board I'd stand shoulder to shoulder with as well. You and well just about most who have posted so far,.. whether I agree with them or not. Take Techno for example, I disagree with him but I respect how he can see both the good and bad in things. You have a pretty open mind too, so I'll have to disagree slightly with this next statement of yours.


I and others get a little heated and for that I apologize, there is a middle ground for any debate and I hate the thought of anyone thinking I am hard left or right wing because I only believe my opinion is a reflection of the times and my surroundings.

That's just passion bro. :) And yes, we all grew up with different surroundings along with different experiences so we end up seeing the world differently than the person standing next to us. I've never been to another planet but I'm sure looking from the surface of each planet has a different view of the stars due to the atmosphere. Each planet sees the same view differently. No different than how humans grow up. Even siblings will most likely have different view points seeing as how they have different experiences.


Rebellion is and always will be an option. You can talk of all the super hi-tech weapons that the United States has, but most would never be used on our own soil. Any that do massive damage would certainly never be used.

Oh, it's always an option. I just don't think it's a good one ...unless we're talking Judgement Day. :eek:


They wouldn't need to use their super hi-tech weapons. I'll just bring up two of the major flaws.


Enough people ...thin that down to, enough well trained people. You have trained soldiers in other countries fleeing at the site of American troops. How do you think Joe Blow family man is gonna feel taking on his brothers and sisters? You better have a damn good cause. People live a completely different lifestyle now than they did back then. Back then you fought to live, now you fight that family of 12 pushing their way through in Wal-Mart. And of the population that does have guns, how many do you think you can focus away from rioting and pillaging stores to listen to some self-appointed leader?


Communication ...it's easy when you're confined locally but then you just made yourself an easy target. You will need to communicate across long distances safely without the "enemy" intercepting. How do you plan on doing that when the enemy can control all routes of communication at a whim? If you can't jump this hurdle, there's no point in trying. If you think an embargo is a good trick on other countries, try it on one that has already set up shop.



What's the one thing even the strongest atheletes are concerned about? Sickness, to even something as simple as the common cold. Why? Because you rarely see it coming and it attacks you from the inside. You want change, attack it from the inside. Groom the best candidate for the job and vote him in and let him do his/her thing from the inside. Best part, it's legal and part of the current system. But maybe I have a little too much faith in society and would REALLY HATE to be on the opposite side of the fence as my friends. I'd rather just call their voting choice a tool and be done with it. :P

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Wow, is it getting warm in here or is it just me? Y'ouch! We may need a ref for Angry and Techno. When Moderators Attack... Each Other. :tooth:


Haha, just be glad Thunda isn't around much anymore. Arguments with him can lead to...well...I can't say. He might find me.



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Against the Military head to head we wouldn't stand a chance, but then the Military doesn't make the decisions "yet" Phew. Its the rich that have a bigger influence on how the Police, Military and Politicians act. And we have a very recent example: The LA Riots, I don't know the exact story, I just can't remember. Did the riots reverse the decision of the court or was it something else?


All i can remember was that dude being ripped from his truck and getting smacked on the head with a house brick and then when it looked like that dude ran over to help him, he went through his pockets and stole his wallet.

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Nice little article Ace but I think what it really boils down to is people vote with their pockets. There's a lot of talk about angry White Mans personality and general aptitudes but the key grumbles this man has are lowered wages due to illegal immigrants, job losses due to outsourcing - again loss of income, and Hilary Clinton potentially giving away all his tax to lefties, liberals, lazies and the poor.


Obviously I've planted my flag in the ground and declared myself a wishy washy leftie socialist liberal who throws pounds at gays and other "minorities". (Actually I dont as gays generally have more disposable income than me and beggars need to stop drinking, smoking, shooting up and getting in my face when I'm out and about).


Now if you're the kind of person that feels they should be taxed a whole lot less and all those lazy feckers who don't/won't work as hard as yourself can just feck off then I can see a whole new bunch of reasons for owning a gun. The kind of reasons that people generally skirt around.


Now as to keeping guns to keep the government in check, that I can appreciate as the US military is pretty well tooled up. Its a little different here in the UK as the size of the military isn't anywhere as big as the US. The cops don't carry guns and the voting public can be a fickle thing, but ultimately vote with their pockets (to the obvious tax cuts and amazingly blank out the stealth taxes of which we have many).


I can't comment on your News but I'm happy to pay the TV licence over here for the BBC, and I'm glad to see a lot of non-Brits like it too. We are quite fortunate to have it, especially as its free from adverts (apart from its own programs of course), which almost certainly accounts for it being more balanced, politically and business-wise at least. But this raises a general issue that if you get something for free then its likely paid for, or subsidised, by advertising (if the govt doesn't pay for it). This means corporate interference and surely this is a greater concern than government. You see I think of America as "Corporate America", how many of your politicians have advisory, consultancy or board positions. Are they looking at making America a great place or a just a great place to make a profit?


I read people complaining about government taxes and laws etc. but look at where most of the money, and therefore power, is concentrated because its not cheap to get voted for in the US.


We have laws and checks in place in the UK but its not perfect and the politicians always appear to be getting more greedy, self-serving and less accountable. Yet they complain about voter apathy, I mean I don't understand why either???


Sorry for the quick and short rant but son is quite restless this evening. Oh and a nice "How do you do" to everyone.

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Ok I don't know how to comment on the article, I saw similarities of me in there too but I kinda wonder what way a person who wasn't white may take it. I thought most of it was pretty irrelevant and just one persons view who thinks that all white guys feel like this.


I think you have a valid point Suedenim, The angry white man does vote with his pocket and has become accustom to getting things his own way and all his creature comforts but to me he is shitting himself at the thought that he might have to share these comforts with others who have the same rights as he does. Lets face it, you can't say America is a White Christian country cause its people are made up of all races, each with the right to pursue his own religious or sexual avenues and they do in a big way. Some times I watch the Evangelicals on TV for amusement and a good laugh, when they say gods love is free but could you send $19.99 and we'll book you a nice room in heaven with a better view than those Negroes and Jews are gonna get, (they don't really say that but you know they are thinking it lol) BTW I'm not racist, I hate all races equally.


Now ilegals that sneak into the country are a problem for the country, working for money that isn't government taxed, but they do buy stuff with this money and they do pay tax on that so basically while they aren't paying as much tax as you they still pay it. Plus the average American sees the jobs that illegal workers have as beneath them. I mean they aren't taking jobs like suddenly they are your boss at the office or a traffic cop giving you a ticket or anything like that. I would hazard a guess that 9/10 times its an Angry white man who is trying to save his money that employs the illegal immigrants cause other Angry white men are gonna want a lot more money for it. Plus they are not draining the country of any unemployment benefits or getting a tax break on their 13th kid.


Our governments aren't living pay check to pay check, they have a vast pot of cash that they can dip into at any time so the argument that the liberals will take our tax money that is meant for other things is also pretty irrelevant as your money is sitting gathering interest as we speak and could be used for any amount of "homeland improvement" but they make it seem like they are broke yet bush can walk into congress and ask for 47 billion dollars to keep Iraq going after the 200 billion that has already been spent there.


So until you know exactly how much money the country has and what is being spent on what then your never gonna know what costs too much compared to the cost of other things. They may say a school costs 10 million for them to build when it probably costs 5 or a tank costs 10 million when it really costs 20


Its like in the UK the National health is going down hill from lack of funding and then it comes out that the managing directors or what ever they are called of the hospitals are giving them selves 70% salary increases and we wonder why the money we are throwing at them doesn't seem to have an impact, cause they are eating/skimming it before things start getting purchased like I dunno, beds and hospital equipment maybe.


Corruption seems to be the number one public enemy in my book, and we can't just say its unavoidable cause the ones that are committing it want you to say that. We should know where every single penny is going and who is making the biggest profit and why.

If you work in the interest of the public then your life and financial status should be there for the public to see. I don't see a politician as a public citizen, they are public servants that live and eat better than the public they represent.


"Your position exists to provide us with freedom, We do not exist to provide you with power". Mel Gibson. Braveheart ....lol ....I know..... Braveheart! for christ sake..

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"Your position exists to provide us with freedom, We do not exist to provide you with power". Mel Gibson. Braveheart ....lol ....I know..... Braveheart! for christ sake..


Its much worse than that! Its Mel Gibson! for christ sake..


Oh and you will need to donate $24.99 for taking the lords name in vain or you will burn in hell.

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