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Sins of a Solar Empire

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I am doc's brother and will be able to play later today...he got a PC set up for me and all patched up


Bought the game about a month ago and couldnt play it do to slow slow PC so my deek head brother gave me one of his old ones.


nice eh'?


Got vent all set up and ready to get my arse kicked good like...

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Yea, everyone is patched to 1.04 now.


Im good to go. On himachi and vent right now. Can even play a short small map while waiting for others. :)

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We had a pretty good time tonight playing the game but with a few issues...


As it seems the guys started playing a game before I got home and it seems the PC I loaned the bro (twocents) had a mini-dump with the Sins.exe and put him out of the game...it will freeze everyone else for a few and then give you a disconnection error or some crap....


At 1st I thought it was his super duper DFI nf3-250gb crashed the game due to a very mild but totally stable overclock (215x9) so we lowered the clock back to 200x9 and gamed one...


We then joined the game with Reelfiles and myself with twocents with me Hosting the game....then again it mini-dumped on me and ReelFiles and we all looked in the Event Manager and seen the error report so i thought it was my rig as I have been having board troubles...?


So I lowered my clocks to stock and gamed on....I hosted a game again with Fogel, EllisD , twocents and myself and we played a larger map with 8players and went for it...we got 7/8 way through the game and twocents mini-dumped again...


We found it mini-dumps you when you are building ships in your frigate factory...it did it to me as well as everyone else that got dumped...


Sent twocents to the Sins forums and the link he posted is the issue described we had....


sucks but I think it's back to 1.02 until this is fixed....:(

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wow, as much attention as this thread is getting, I might have to come check this game out... not really my type of game, but I'll give it a go...

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dude it's a blast....just when you think you're good the game kicks your butt...I was playing a early game with the guys and ended up getting my arse handed to me in a hat....I struggled and pulled through ok but it was a challenge and that made the game worth while...the AI teamed up and all ganged up on me...was fun though...until the crash issues we had last night...argh

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Multiplayer Crashes

By Blair Fraser Posted April 9, 2008 15:46:20


I apologize for the MP dumps. I've addressed this multiple times in other threads but they've been buried so it isn't because we are ignoring it or trying to hide it - its just impossible to comment on it everytime it reappears in a new thread. Tech support has also been in email contact with a variety of people (including some in this thread).


The MP bug is 1 of 2 major bugs we are aware of and its a sync bug. Statistically, it is very rare which is why it is so difficult for us to track down (we have yet to see it ourselves but we have something going out soon that will help us find it from those who do get it). Also, any multiplayer fixes are scheduled to go out in 1.1 not 1.04. They are in seperate code paths and completely seperate systems being worked on by completely seperate people. This isn't a matter of just throwing the fix into 1.04 and 1.04 development is not slowing down 1.1's development so don't feel we are wasting time on 1.04 (balance + misc) when the *real* bug is in 1.1 (multiplayer).


Now, to save you all a lot of headaches - the nature of the sync bug is that once you've had a game where it happens it is very unlikely you can recover from a MP save game. If you load the MP save game and continue to play you will crash again. You will then load a more recent save game and crash again. The crashes will come more and more frequently. If you see this behavior just start over as its very probably that its the sync bug and the crash is nothing to do with your machines, network, or drivers. If you don't see this behavior, its likely a driver problem or you are running out of memory or you are running a bad mod (at least based on the data we've collected through tech support).


As soon as 1.04 is out I am going to make a post looking for volunteers. I have a special 1.04 build that will track the synchronization info we need to track it down. Since we can't recreate it we need to have a few players who it happens to regularly to play 1.04 with this build and then send us their logs when it goes out of sync.


P.S Minidump is the generic term for a general crash - it could be anything and is not caused by any specific problem. We can decode the minidump to get useful information on the true nature of the crash.


April 11, 2008 18:51:57


Hello all,


As promised there is now a special 1.04 build that will help us track down the de-sync bug which can be downloaded here: www.ironcladgames.com/sins/SinsSyncCheck1.04.zip.


If you are interested in helping here are the instructions to help us track it down:


1. Make a back up of your sins executable.


2. Unzip the new sins executable into your sins installation folder.


3. Play sins multiplayer against people who are using the same test version.


Warning #1: You will not be able to play with someone who isn't using this version.


Warning #2: You can't start from an older save game. It has to be from a fresh 1.04 test build game (not even a vanilla 1.04 save game). Once you've started playing from a test build, starting from save games is ok.


Warning #3: Do not play with a mod. Infact I would even temporarily move everything out of the mod folder just in case.


4. When a de-sync is detected, red text will appear on the screen.


5. Every player in the game then needs to open their CheckSum folder which is likely in:


C:Documents and SettingsusernameLocal SettingsApplication DataIronclad GamesSins of a Solar Empire




C:UsersusernameAppDataLocalIronclad GamesSins of a Solar Empire


6. In this folder you will find a SyncError file dated from the time of the sync bug. Every player involved in this game should send their SyncError file to one person. Typically we send it to the host.


7. The person who has all the SyncError files should then zip them all up and send them to supportATironcladgamesD0Tcom with the subject "Sync Bug". It's important they are all collected as a unit so we know which files belong to which game.


With everyone providing data, we should have it tracked down in no time. Thanks in advance to everyone who participates





So they say it's an issue with 1.1 (multiplayer) not 1.04, but I never saw this happen with any of the older versions. Kinda sucks, I have yet to complete more than 2 multiplayer games, always something xxxxing up... grrr

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I think it's a good idea for all of us to install the exe (MAKE SURE TO BACK UP YOUR ORIGINAL SINS EXECUTABLE!) and anytime we see a crash/dump/de-synch we need to send the report to whoever is hosting the game. It's a good idea for us to do our part and help IC/Stardock to get to the bottom of it.

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