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Quick Windows question

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Is there a way to make windows go through all files in a specific directory and delete every empty folder?


Long story short, I mistakenly decided to give iTunes a shot since everyone else here is all gun-ho about it.


Clearly a bad idea, I mean what . would want all of their music sorted out by solely by album artist instead of by artist and album?*


Anyways, MediaMonkey has fixed the problem for me, because it's like, good at being a media player/organizer. Something that iTunes can't even dream about because it's head is so far up it's own butt.


While MediaMonkey has done a great job of actually organizing the music the way I wanted it to, there are probably a thousand empty folders within my music folder now. I've spent a good hour sorting through and deleting some of them, but I'm in the "F's" now with a lot fo work ahead of me.


Please help?





*Yes, I'm sure iTunes has other methods of sorting. Their default method is retarded as xxxx though.

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Thanks Sharp, worked great!


Saved me a helluva lot of grief. I'm pretty sure some folders only contain one song yet because iTunes broke up soundtracks like that, but I should be able to assemble them in MediaMonkey then run this again.








Some folders had pictures and playlists in them too. I hate iTunes.

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