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Confused new to OC x64 4400+ dual core HTT

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OK .. Deep breath.. (So I did read the guides here , not that I really fully understood them :) )

I am really sorry if these questions are trying anyones patience I just really having a hard time getting my head round the basics .


I read in the OC guide that you need to keep the HTT round about 2000 .. there is not any "HTT " in my BIOS


I think I understand I go to Gene Bios .. I see "FSB Bus Frequency" that is 200 and I see

"LTD/FSB Frequency Ratio" . From what I undersand ( and maybe I got it wrong) the Default setting is x5 for that one ... 200 x5 = 1000 so what I am I missing to figure out this HTT which is supposed to be 2000 as a default? ?



So that is my confusion with HTT

now Proc Speed .. hmm

now I look at that same thing the "FSB bus Frequency" @ 200 and then this setting here :


"CPU/FSB Ratio" @ 11 so it makes sense that my proc default speed is

200*11 = 2.2 G


SO I think I understand that part alright


also kind peoples can someone explain


"LTD Transfer width"


Basicly I am trying to understand the settings I would set in the Bios to make the system run at default sppeds and default voltages , as previous to this I just set everything to Auto and never really understood what was going on .. now I want to dive into OC world, and first step I think should be to understand the default settings , and try and stay away from "Auto" anything .

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Your HTT is reporting as it should. It runs at 1000 Mhz (Effectively 2000 according to AMD) and I believe they say '2000' because of the location of the memory controller. They put the controller on the processor, rather than the motherboard, like Intel. So this 'effectively' translates to 2000. Someone chime in an please correct me if I'm wrong, or can explain it better. Anyways, everything is working properly.


You are right with the CPU speed (or frequency). The frequency is the FSB times the cpu multiplier. For example 2.0 Ghz (2000 Mhz) CPU has a FSB of 200 x 10 cpu multiplier. A CPU at 2.2 Ghz (2200 Mhz) has a FSB of 200 x 11 cpu multiplier, etc., etc.


The LTD is what determines your HTT speed. For example....


Earlier you stated that your BIOS reports an HTT of 1000. This number is derived from multiplying the FSB (200) times the LTD (5), which = 1000. So your LTD is what you multiply your FSB by, to determine your HTT.

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