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What bios do i need? - NF4 SLI-DR

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I have the NF4 SLI-DR , i've been getting the HA20X2K.SYS BSOD and sound crackling , a creative labs bod said i need to update my bios :eek:


Anyway the date on my board says



DATE : 06/23/2005



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wow this forum is dead compared to what it used to be :(


Anyhoo using merlin's latest bios now , its nice to setup


Yeah, a lot of the mods (myself included) have a lot going on outside of the forum right now. I'm hoping this time next year I can participate a lot more...right now I can't really afford to do much besides live. And drink. Drink first, live second.




Glad Merlin's seems to work out for you, I'd definitely try his stuff out if I still had an nf4.

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