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xfx 8800gt low overclock?

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Dam! It just goes ta show ya, some cards are better than others. I guess i gotta do some more experimenting with my oc. Hey, I'm kinda following in AG's "Stalker rant". I didn't like it much at all at 1st, but now that I'm getting better guns, learning the ins and outs of the game, it's more fun, and i like the challenge of it more. It's got a pretty big learning curve, 'specially for a crappy gamer as me...heh.


I wonder why the game didn't like my card oc'ed. It was just a mild one, like i said in above post. Ya think it was the games wierd code or something? I had the fan on steady 70% too. Ill try deleting all my oc's and start from scratch with shader, then core, then mem. I was able to match your mem [email protected](effective 2200).

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Same card with stock cooling

685 is where I am at as well.

But card runs cool and quiet compared to the earlier models with smaller fan.

maybe it's something aftermarket cooling can improve.


NiBiToR 3.7 says the card is already at 1.1v (extra) in the bios.

no more voltage to give.


I actually didn't notice much increase from stock clocks to 685/975 in Benchmarks.

I'm still very pleased with the card.



My mistake Carl..i thought you were talking about the gts 512...so sorry :rolleyes:

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