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Anyone Have This Case?

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Does anyone have this case? I am thinking about getting it and I think it looks cool, has anyone experienced anything bad with this case? Also I am confused as to what colour cathode to put in it, red blue green UV?


If anyone has this case can they please post pics of it with mods in it?



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hmm ok, I dont plan on moving it, it just caught my eye because it looked cool and was fairly cheap.

Don't get me wrong, it's a beautiful case right out of the box. I had to remove the rear fan mounts to mount 2 Vantec tornados in the rear and with only 2 screws holding each in place. I'm still debating the idea of adding some blow holes to the top of the case, I want to put the tornados up there and have somewhat less hardcore fans for the rear. I'm using a Vantec 420 watt psu which works just fine, yet has very bulky and long wiring, the 24 to 20 pin power adapter is a royal pain which makes tidying up the all of the wiring a phenominal task.

If you want the same case in a different color, Chieftec has the Matrix series available in mid or full tower (exactly like the old Antec sx1200 case, lots of room) with the option of a window which I've seen at the Directron site starting at around $70 USD (more or less). I want one, but none of the stores here in Montreal carry them, I like to encourage local business as much as possible.

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