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cheapskate ocer

pci wirelles network card troubles at high OC

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for some reason when my cp is oced to 2.8 ghz everything works fine but the linksys pci wireless network card, yet if i drop the oc just a little down to 2.63 it works fine?

i tried changing the pci clock (i dont even know what that does) to 133 with my amd 4000+X2 at 266 x10.5 but that didnt change anything

im using a asrock alivenfg6-vsta board

any ideas


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I can only go by looking at the manual so it may not actually be just a setting.


When you do this, Overclock mode = [CPU, PCI, Async].


Is that just a setting or does it do something else like allow you to change the PCI clock?


If so you must set the PCI clock to 100Mhz.

And disable all the spread spectrum options.


The manual only shows a settings for the PCIE clock, this should also be on 100Mhz.

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