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New build: moving from AMD to Intel

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I've just moved from my DFI NF4 Ultra-D with x2 4400+ towards a new C2D system, The components are the following:


Intel C2D 6750

ASUS P5KR Mainboard

4x 1gb OCZ XTC Platinum DDR2-800


My question is, how far can i clock the CPU and RAM? and is there some C2D OC noob guide somewhere? I know how to work my Prime95 but i am a bit lost in FSB ratios, mem dividers etc.

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Yah, AMD was easy

is this just rasing the FSB as well and adjust the dividers?

I have not been online with OC'ing for almost 2 years, so i am a bit behind on the current naming and technology:p


To add to that, my system is used in the living purely as HTPC so i look for settings on auto Vcore to leverage lower multipliers and vcore when idle

i would also prefer top ram speed over max cpu speed

so 3.2Gh @ 800Mhz would be doable at stock settings?

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Now that was EASY :sweat:


Raised the FSB to 400, system boots perfectly

Raised to 425, system still boots fine (memory is now DDR2-880)

Had 6 hours of dual prime95 instances without a hitch, so can assume that this sytem is pretty stable at 3.400Mhz :drool:


This a a nice and clean overclock on stock volts and with SpeedStep still intact.

Think i am gonna stick to this as it suits the HTPC ver well:p

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I would run prime or Orthos for 24hrs before locking up the box and calling it stable, you never know! I have my 6850 at stock volts and running at 400x9 24/7 for a week now(3.6ghz) I still wouldnt give it to a customer that way and call it stable for his use, Im just saying. I have seen them running 6ghz on dry ice, pumping them up to 2+volts! Crazy people! You got to love these chips though.


I do miss the satifaction of a nice AMD chip, running from 2ghz to 3 or more, that was an accomplishment. Well, you know all that!


GL with your OC's

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