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Final Smack of the Season - Congrats Yukon!


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well well well


there is absolutely NOTHING better than watching the ugliest, biggest, smelliest smack-talker in the universe EAT TURF in the championship game hahahahahahahah










Good Job Trooper!!!!


Too bad you won't win the NHL league but at least you beat some lame americans at their own game hahaahahahahahaha.



Congrats everyone!


now I got to find some prizes for the top 3 jackasses!



hrmm....looks like I took 3rd place? Hah! I'll give myself a prize!!!

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haha little late, but congrats trooper.


Looks like the rapists finally got caught.


And all I wanted was to have a championship with the Faires vs. Cabana Boys. :(


But all is not lost.


Favre vs. Brady can yet happen! Please God, if you're there, let this be. EVERYONE wants this game. Everyone. Make it happen.


Little trivia for those that aren't of the Pack, Favre's ONLY Super Bowl ring came at the expense of the lowly Patriots. In freaking 1996!


Laugh all you want haters, the old man has come back to have a great season. Win or lose this week or a few weeks from now, he's played extraordinary football the vast majority of the season. Best thing I'm hoping for is a Super Bowl win over the undefeated quickly followed by retirement.


The only better thing would be to NOT retire and come back next year to crush (again) the 18-0 (again) Pats in the Super Bowl. God that'd feel good.


I'd actually probably die from laughter and happiness. Coupled with incredible consumption of alcohol, brats, and cheese of course.

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