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new build, just clarification please

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So i am thinking about switching over to Intel CPUs, my amdx2 4200+ is not cutting it anymore for some games, and its probably the bottleneck in my system.


I mainly use my PC for gaming (80% of time spent), streaming HD content (10%) (to xbox), and some video editing (10%).


my question is this:

Am i better off going for X38 chipset or 680i?,since 780i is not mainstream (affordable for me) yet.


the 2nd question is:

E6750 or Q6600? - also good memory for each? (I do not plan to overclock much, but i do need performance for games.)

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P35 chipset does excellent speeds and will handle your single 8800GT admirably. X38 has fancy features and high clock speeds but unless your really going to use all the extra's Id go with the 35, as well as the 680i is concerned I've used these and cant really get on with them. Also there not 45nm compatible so for a future upgrade id go with the intel chipsets.


E6750 - Q6600 id go with the Quad as you do some video editing a G0 stepping Q6600 would be perfect, although you will see little difference in games (apart from the very latest titles.


Why not wait a few weeks or so for the new 45nm products anyways. less heat =bigger and better clocks.

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