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Some Q's about ATI

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Does the 2900 series support dx10, or dx10.1?

And it's pci x16, not pcie2.0? When i looked , nabs all over the i-net been giving different stories... I'm betting 2900's= 320 stream w/ dx10, pci x16, and the 3800's = 320 streamin processors, pcie 2.0, and dx10.1


so then it would be a better idea to spend a few more bucks on like a 512 version of a 3850 rather than on a 512 2900gt/pro?

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I tohught bout it, and went with something similar. for less 10$..

I know the cooling on that is top notch, and it can probably oc past 3870 speeds, but i went with the gecube 3850 512 with their own cooler which was all copper. Looks pretty good, andi think i read someone overclocking the gddr3 to 2ghz.


thank you though, i know i'll be happy with this card :)

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