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Want to upgrade my ageing 6800 graphics card. Not interested in getting the most up to date card but do want something thats going to play the latest games at low resolution (1024 x 768), reasonable quality and last me another 9-12 months. Looking at the X1950 PRO which falls into my price bracket of no more than £100.00. What do you think? Any better suggestions?


Added Later - I see you can get the 8800GT 512MB for about £175.00. Is this the one to go for? Is it worth the extra money at 1024 x 768 resolution?





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Guest DaddyD302

I have the 1950pro on my second pc, and it run games fine at 1680X1050. I have to set it to performance settings to get good fps. I use it mainly for WoW so, I can't comment on how fast it'll run other games. I get around 30-60 fps in WoW.

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