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Your new years resolution is....


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  1. 1.

    • Quit Smoking
    • Start Smoking
    • Eat Better
    • Exercise more
    • Get FAT
    • Find a new girlfriend
    • Break up with current girlfriend
    • Stop Drinking
    • Drink more
    • Learn a new language
    • Buy Intel not AMD!
    • Buy AMD not Intel!
    • Migrate to Linux
    • Upgrade to Vista
    • Migrate to OS/X
    • GET WASTED on new years!!!
    • none of the above.

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Quit Smoking

--Didn't really smoke, but I did quit Hookah.


Eat Better

--Not so much, my metabolism is pretty good at this point.


Exercise more

--I think I do well enough as it is, but a little more never hurts.


Find a new girlfriend

--Just got one ^_^ ...MUCH easier on the wallet compared to the last one.


Break up with current girlfriend

--Just took out the trash.


Stop Drinking

--I wouldn't say ...STOP....I cut down on the hard stuff.

Drink more

--I doubt I could do that...


Learn a new language

--I'd like to perfect my ethnic language.


Buy Intel not AMD!

--I'm making the switch.


Upgrade to Vista

--Have it, don't like it. Waste of money IMO.


Migrate to OS/X

--Have it, great for Mixing music! Serato Scratch Live RULES!!!!


GET WASTED on new years!!!

--Was my 1st day of cutting down. I did pretty good I think.


But my main thing was the cutting down for this year.


Hope you all do well with your new years resolutions!

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Smoking - after seeing what my dad has been through i'd have to say that if there was any inkling in me that wanted to try it vaporized in a violent explosion. I learned you can live without one of your jugular veins, doesn't make you look pretty but it is possible. I'd rather be in prime fighting shape than shorten my breath with something that makes me stink.


Girlfriend? WTF is that? Is that where you let the girl hang out with you after f***ing her? Yaaah, we're not doing that.


Drinking - never been big on spending big bones to get drunk. My heritage means never drink cheap alcohol, it also means it takes a LOT to get drunk, it also means you'll never stop drinking completely. No resolution here either - stayin' the course.


Far as tech geek stuff - best product wins no matter the company. Which means Vista loses by default - and Sadly not extra bones atm so neither Intel nor AMD wins.




Excercise more and eat better wins. Now I gotta decide how serious I am when it comes to fighting. Do I want to go strictly into cage fighting and work up the ranks or just for sport every now and then and diverse it up? 2007 wasn't as productive for my tastes in this area so somehow I have to figure out where my passion lies and train respectively.

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Guest SuppA-SnipA

exercise more, get a new gf, go intel or amd again (depends who will own at the time) :D

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