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4x512 BH-5 on SLI-DR Expert

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I want to run 4x512 (2x Corsair Twinx3200LL) on my SLI-DR Expert but i cant get it running...

2 sticks on the orange slots works.

1 stick in yellow also works (just in the one further away from the cpu)

but if i put 2 in in yellow in dosnt boot, just 3 led on the mobo..


can anyone help me with this?


(sorry for my bad english)

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Guten Tag....


Welcome to the forums....


first, all the ram is a perfect match? like all the same PCB and purchased all at the same time from the same vendor?




2T timings toggled? up the volts to the ram a bit, the load on the memory bus with four sticks is higher....


are you running stock or trying this clocked?


BH5 stuff likes volts, have you tried some higher volts?????


did you check the spd timings of each stick, two at a time in the orange slots with CPU-Z? that would at least verify the timings match, sometimes the SPD readout will some a manu date depending on the manu, gives you an idea if everything is the same....


don't give up, the BH5 stuffs kinda likes the yellow slots as i seem to recall....and having the Expert version of the board should make it a bit easier.....


others will chime in i am sure with some suggestions.


good luck..



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all the ram good?? have you run memtest on each then in pairs then four/ is it the same stick thats playing up or any?

like egle says more knowlagable peeps will chim in

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