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how do i physically reset my bios

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Long story short, i was in my bios and my cat jumped on the keyboard and set the cpu vid something or other to the highest setting and it saved, now my PC wont turn on, if there a way to manually reset my bios by switching a jumper or something, i need help please and a picture would be amazing ^^ thank you very much

noobish DFI Owner

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nice, haha. i think you made it too easy there tasr, you should've just gave up the link to google.
Pull power cord, discharge capacitors buy pressing power switch, move jumper JP2 from 1-2 to 2-3 for ten seconds (found on page 37 Chapter 2 - Hardware Installation of the manuel I linked you), move jumper JP2 back from 2-3 to 1-2, plug power cord back in, Power on and enter BIOS.


Is that what you wanted? :)

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