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Genuine ViperJohn Modded XFX 8800GT

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Sold American - $450 plus Ship


The base card is a new and unregistered XFX 8800GT Alpha Dog Edition with the

following mods:


ViperFang-IV Black Diablo 1/2" Water Block

Viper SuperSink RamSinks

NSTIM EpoxyLess ( All mods are reversible for RMA/Warranty purposes )

Vcore Mosfet and Vmem Mosfet Aux Heatsinks

Card Power Supply Area 50mm Active Cooler

GPU Vcore Hard Mod

GPU Vcore OCP Hard Mod

Vmem Buck Hard Mod

Full Custom Clocked Bios with Memory Timings Tightened to Qimonda 1.6ns Chip Spec


Max card OC is 864Rop x 2052Shader / 1026 Memory. Card out runs my best modded

Ultra in 3DM05 and in 3DM06 (160.02 drivers used in Ultra test). Full test report

available on request. Just email [email protected]


Will sell and ship International. For International - Shipping, Insurance and PayPal Foreign

Exchanges Fee not included in price. Contact me for additional international charges (varies

radically with country and distance).




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